Fetty Wap Cook Up Lyrics

Big Zoovie
Eh- eh

Imma roll this wood do the dash in a fast truck
Racing with the bros hit the gas they can’t pass us
Pull up with the gang you want smoke nigga act up
Soon as he say my name let it go why you act tough

1-2-3 niggas shooting at me
4-5-6 I came back with the sticks
7-8-9 oh I missed him cool thats fine
Once the clock stroke 10 time to spin his shit again

(Big Zoovie)
Trap nigga man I do this shit for my G’s (Zoovie)
Whipping in the kitchen water whipping for a reason
Birds up north it be winter every season
Screaming fuck 12 and I know they know we mean it (Fuck ’em)
Get money nigga you can find me where the green is (baby)
Made my first million, I woke up thought I was dreaming’ (baby)
Bought a couple foreigns but my favourite was my Beemer (oooh)
Matte chrome red forgiatos it was gleaming eh
Real trap nigga imma show you how to whip baby
Breaking down the yola get your baking soda mixed baby
Don’t turn down your fire, not too hot I don’t need it lit baby
Water and you mix it in the pot and then you whip baby
When you see that thing above your lip it look like grits baby
When you see that yola turn to oil- that’s drip baby
Take it off the fire, sit it in water, cool it down (cool it down)
Back in that fire, heat it back up, lets spin it around (spin it around)
Run it back up, lets take it back out, lets cool it back down
(Yeah yeah)
Imma stretch you, give you my extras, both of my wrists is special

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