Big Sean Detroit 2: Wellness Lucky Me Lyrics

Lucky me
If they want my spot, then they gotta come for me
Just know I want this shit more than whatever it is you want from me
And the only thought at night that comforts me is starvin’ whoever’s huntin’ me
Shit, lucky me, to be rich in a world where nothing’s free
And separated from hell by one degree
Surrounded by niggas who did first degree
And the other ones that never got they first degree, sheesh
Lucky me (Nigga!)
Yeah, I done slashed hoes like I’m Slash on some rock star shit
Even bought Slash old crib, that’s rock star as it gets
And have my hands on the R&B legends you couldn’t handle
Whether you do music or not, you wish you could sample
And I had to live through the scandals
Public humiliations and breakups on camera
It’s a living nightmare when your dream girl has to get canceled
And you gotta delete all the photos and shit like you never Instagrammed it
And you get off-track but somehow you gotta stay transit, ha
Man, lucky me
I was diagnosed with a heart disease at 19
Could barely stand on my feet
Doctors said they had to cut it open, put a pacemaker on it to put it back on beat
‘Til my mama took me to holistic doctors and they prescribed me magnesium for two weeks
Went back to the regular doctors and they said, “Huh, damn, looks like we don’t need to proceed”
That’s how I know that western medicine weak
Man, lucky me, to be the chosen one
And saved for the special occasions like I was Opus One
You know, and I’ma live forever like Walt Disney, the frozen one
Done flew so many times past the limit, I didn’t even know it was one
And face our problems head-on when they told us to run
And ran it up in a city where no one would come
When I had literally died but then came back alive
And it’s the furthest thing that I know from over and done
And I don’t even have to say it, you know where I’m from, bitch (Yeah, yeah)
Lucky me, lucky who? (Lucky) Lucky, true
It’s a wonder what prayer, working smart and love can do
And y’all got an efficient and humble crew
And you got a long list of the things y’all wanna do
Shit, who knows, lucky me could turn into lucky you
We turned nothing to something so much it’s nothing new
I know lady luck so well, I swear that’s like my bottom bitch, number two
Doing what we love and choose with lots to lose and more to prove
Ain’t running from nothing but haven’t lost sight of the finish line that we been runnin’ to
Lil’ bitch, this Detroit-fucking-2
My thoughts is all-black, yeah, I’m back to the roots
Fuck your white flag, ho, I don’t want no truce
And we all in the huddle, they like, “It’s on you”
Hm, lucky me (Me), pressure’s what I eat
Ain’t no roses at my feet, just the blood on the concrete, look (Hit-Boy on the beat, so bitch you gotta go berserk)

The mission is covert
I stuck to the code and you don’t know the code word
Once they start me up then just know that it’s over (Woah, woah)
My soul is on solace, surrounded by angels and soldiers on soldiers
World turned me cold, game turned me colder
Sittin’ courtside lookin’ like I’m finna be the fuckin’ future owner (Woah)
Cup runneth over and she comin’ over (Woah)
And she told me that her lil’ bro wanna be me when he older (That’s facts)

Look, I ain’t gon’ hold you, though
Put in my family, I feel like Utopia
Falling in love with a slut is my phobia
My whole team first class, so it ain’t no coachin’ us

Woah there, don’t go there, now slow down, lil’ brodie
I know you don’t know me
I’m buffed up, my chest up, I feel like Hulk Hogan
I walk in the building like everybody owe me
Move heaven on Earth, this shit feel like erosion
The Don, I’m the king, I’m consultin’ the soldiers
You talk to me nice and not real, I’m insulted
I bet on myself, ain’t no way my hand’s folding
What’s a limitation? Fuck your validation
I don’t got a figure, God flow, got it renovated
Demon slayer and my bitch slayin’, legendary, it’s insinuated
Two guards outside barricaded while I’m serenadin’ (Yeah)
Paradise covin’ while I’m stroking
Pussy tight, I’m claustrophobic
She so damn down and devoted
Got me wondering what’s her motives (What’s her—)
Remember my feelings don’t mean shit to none of my goals, so I gotta stay focused
The city is soulless, this shit get too vulgar
Seen bodies wrapped up in them white sheets, no COVID

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