Lana Del Rey Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass Past the Bushes Cypress Thriving Lyrics

I saw you in the mirror
You were wearing your hair differently
Carrying the air differently
You said you wear your hair long parted in the middle
Long in solidarity just like all his women

In Long Beach


Your fingers wiping oil on the paper with precision
With decision like an artist never seen yet with a vision

With a reason
Stared with venom at the ceiling
Not the grass
But straight ahead
Just at the skyline
With precision
Laser vision

Moving through you
You dictated
by what moved you

Only moving, never thinking

Match to the sun that’s slowly sinking
At the height of the afternoon
In the heat of the summer evening
Like a phoenix, like a chem trail, like a wavelength no one’s claiming

Georgia o Keefe
Georgia peaches
Doing nothing but your painting
For forever
Forget teachers
Forgive him for ever leaving

Love is rising
No resisting
Cheeks are flushing
Now you’re living

Say goodbye now
No resisting
Live your life like
No one’s listening

Be the art the life is breathing
Be the soul the world is living

For you only
Not for giving
Just for taking
No one’s listening

At the end of Rose and Rich
Down the street that’s green and winding
Past the bushes cypress thriving
Past the chain link fence and driving
Further down the road less travelled
There you are athleisure wear unraveled
Now I see you clear

Standing stoic blue and denim
Eyes not blue but clear like heaven

You don’t want to be forgotten

You just want to disappear

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