Kid Cudi Sunrise* Lyrics

Gotta get my shit together
Get my shit together
Gotta get my shit together
This one’s for Plain Pat, yea

Young nigga on the ports and shelf and
Who knew he would be [?] where it from
Why I been chillin I can’t do that
Most of my niggas think I ain’t that
Defend the fact
Came so long [?] [?] I just want everybody to be fine
I know that something going into new time and time
[?] So many plain verbs defending any words
Can’t [?] (Sunrise, sunrise)
Can’t phone the phone so get on that line
[?] feeling fine
Baby girl I know your smile is like light
In the sunshine
(Sunrise, sunrise)
Uh- All I ever wanna be is
(Sunrise, sunrise)
Uh- Great

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